FloraHolland FloraViewer

A thriving initiative of Floraholland and taGGle Scan flowermovie

FloraViewer is a mobile application on your smartphone that shows the flowering cycle of a flower or a plant an accelerated movie. A short film gives your potential customer a complete and colorful image of the flowering process. In the application, the customer can find care tips and an impression of the (shelf) life and quality of the product.

FloraViewer helps you communicate with consumer´s worldwide ad offers a wealth of information! In the statistics, you can analyze where in the world FloraViewer is viewed. It gives you a good picture of the market. This information is valuable for your business at strategic, technological and innovative levels.

The FloraViewer concept is an initiative of FloraHolland. The FloraHolland Knowledge Center Product Quality Control Aalsmeer creates the blooming videos for the FloraViewer. On the following pages, you can find information about the possibilities and rates of FloraViewer.